Date Posted... Nov 22nd 2021



Senior School

Year 6 Day of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Thank you to all the Year 6 children who joined us for the return of our annual Year 6 Activity Day. We had over 100 children join us for a magical day filled with witchcraft and wizardry as part of this year’s themed day.

The day began with a visit to the chapel, where on arrival, we were greeted by wizardry music played on the organ by Mr Palmer, Director of Music. The children were then put into their houses along with a surprise visit from the sorting hat!

The morning was filled with an array of wizarding lessons from spell casting in Drama, making delicious cheese straw wands in Cookery and Potions in Chemistry to Wizard chess in History, making mandrakes in Art and the science of broomsticks in Physics.

After a busy morning, the young wizards were ready for lunch in the Dining hall, which had been decorated for the occasion with rows of fairy lights, candles, and house coloured napkins. Our fantastic catering team put on a wonderful themed lunch with everything from house coloured vegetables to Hagrid’s House pie and Butterbeer cake. There was lots of excitement in the room as the children all enjoyed their meals and continued to get to know their peers.

As lunchtime ended, it was time for our final activity, quidditch. The children split into their houses once again to play for the prestigious quidditch house cup! Although sadly there were no flying broomsticks involved, points were very quickly racking up, and the teams’ scores were very close.

Thank you to all the staff who made the day so special and to the Year 6 children who joined us during the day. We hope you all had an enjoyable day and look forward to seeing you all soon.