Date Posted... Jun 9th 2022

World Cuisines Conquered at Truro School Cookery

Pupils and students have been grappling with the diverse flavours of Japan and Italy this week at Truro School Cookery.

Our 1st and 2nd years were on a roll making deliciously difficult sushi on Tuesday. We think their efforts were outstanding in making each roll uniform and neat. Well done all.

As a part of the Sixth Form Diploma, some of our Sixth Form students were testing out their pizza making skills using an Ooni oven, which cooks pizzas in just a few minutes. It was great to see some exciting flavours being tested out and understand how a traditional pizza oven adds an authentic flavour to the finished pizzas.

Thanks to AJ and all of the staff at Truro School Cookery who make cooking such a fun and engaging subject at our School.