Date Posted... Sep 14th 2023



Sixth Form

Introducing the New Head Boy and Head Girl Team

Congratulations to our new Head Girl and Head Boy Team who were appointed at the end of last year. We caught up with them to find out more about their journeys through Truro School and what they are hoping to achieve this year.


Tell us about your time at Truro School, what A-Levels are you studying and why did you choose Truro School Sixth Form?

Head Boy Oliver is studying A-level Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. Having played Jean Val Jean in last year’s school production of Les Miserables, it was the opportunities beyond the curriculum that appealed to him. “I started in the 1st Year and chose to stay on for Sixth Form because of all the extra-curricular activities such as drama and music, which I can enjoy alongside my A-level subjects.”

Head Girl Tara is studying Spanish, Geography, RS and EPQ and chose Truro School Sixth Form because of the strong sense of community she feels at Truro School. “On a social and personal level, this is where I wanted to take the most significant exams of my life so far.” Tara is also training part-time with the British sailing team. She competed at the European Championships last year and this year will compete in the Nationals.

Deputy Head Girl Lexi, who has been at Truro School since Nursery is studying Maths, Physics, Economics and Further Maths. “I wanted to stay here because of the culture and the friendly atmosphere. I already know many of my teachers.” Lexi is a fencer and currently competes in both the U20 and senior GB Fencing teams.  Her next big event will be the World Championships in Saudi Arabia in April 2024.

Deputy Head Boy Tom, joined Truro School Prep in Year 6. He is taking A-level Geology, Maths and Chemistry and has enjoyed spending time in these departments throughout his GCSEs. “I like the holistic approach to teaching here. The elective MOOCs (massive open online courses) have been brilliant and the smaller class sizes mean I get to know my teachers; having lively discussions with them about my subjects is great.”


What made you apply for the Head Boy and Head Girl positions, and is there anything in particular you would like to achieve this year?

Both Oliver and Tara were inspired to apply for their positions by previous Head Boys and Head Girls. Oliver is keen to nurture our value of courage through the school saying, “Always aim high; things are often more achievable than you think.” All four members of this dynamic team are very keen to engage with younger pupils from across the school, who they hope will find them approachable and easy to talk to.

Tara said, “We would like to close the gap between younger and older pupils throughout the school. I would have liked more time and opportunities to connect with the Head Boy and Head Girl team, and I feel I would have benefited from their advice. I hope there will be more opportunities at school to connect with the younger years.”

Tom applied to the team because, “I wanted to prove myself wrong, and it was good practice for applying for jobs in future.”

The Head Girl and Head Boy team, who meet for breakfast with the Head once a week to discuss ideas, are adept at balancing the demands of A-Levels and their extra and co-curricular demands. All of them are making the most of Truro School’s outstanding Sixth Form Diploma offering and are looking forward to the additional challenges and opportunities presented by these roles. They hope to make a meaningful contribution during their tenure and we look forward to sharing more about how they get on.