Date Posted... Mar 11th 2020



Senior School

Waste Week 2020

We’ve joined hundreds of schools across the UK, and around the world, to take part in Waste Week 2020.

This year the focus is plastic – an amazing resource, but one we all need to think more carefully about. How can people help solve the problem of plastic waste?

This week the school’s Environmental Consultation Organisation (ECO) have been delivering chapel services looking at waste in and around Truro School, encouraging pupils to think about the challenges of finding alternatives to plastic and explaining what activities they will be tasked with during Waste Week. The students behind ECO, Ellie C, Amber W, Molly M, Alister S and Maisy V, did an amazing job launching it this week with a stunning performance by Joanna V. A copy of their presentation is available on the link below.

During school time pupils will be taking part in a waste audit and aiming to reduce waste using the fact sheet, found on this week’s Friday bulletin. We will then retake the audit next week and see if we have reduced the amount that we are producing. A larger scale audit will be undertaken by the school itself. The aim is to look at how much waste we are producing and then aim to reduce it from an individual and group point of view. When trying to help climate change, Reduce, then Reuse and Repurpose.

Waste Week 2020 – Let’s make a difference!

Thank you to the ECO for organising this campaign and we look forward to reducing waste throughout the school.

If parents would like to be involved, they can complete the following survey this week, and then repeat the survey again next week.  If you would like more information or to get involved, please email [email protected]

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