Date Posted... Sep 20th 2023

Wargaming on a Wednesday Afternoon

The WAA Wargaming group spent the afternoon in room 53, engaged in a thrilling battle of board games, accompanied by the unmistakable Spielberg-inspired anthems of John Williams.

One group of X-Wing Star Wars players spent the afternoon commanding their squadrons in intense space combat, whilst in another galaxy far away, Zombicide Invader players worked together to outsmart murderous aliens. Other teams were locked into strategic battles of Risk and Medieval Risk, vying to conquer England and claim the Crown.

Dr. Spring has amassed an impressive collection of tactical board games for pupils, including many classics and some much rarer versions. New pupils are welcome to join, and once they have mastered a particular game, they often enjoy passing on their knowledge, top tips and cunning tactics to other players.

These afternoon sessions offer a delightful blend of escapism, tactics, teamwork, and fun. If anyone is interested in Wargaming and has not chosen it as a WAA activity, they are warmly invited to join the club on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.