Brain Awareness Week

Brains have been moulded in more ways than one this week at Truro School.

To celebrate Brain Awareness Week (March 14th to 20th, 2022), pupils across all year groups have been taking part in a range of mind-bending activities.

Brain Awareness Week aims to support brain science by showcasing the wonders of the brain and the impact that brain science has on our lives.

The week at School was launched with a chapel service and lunchtime activities in Room 85. Students can take part in a range of research projects, tackling questions including:

  • do pictures you’ve been shown influence what you see in an ambiguous picture?
  • do we have an unconscious gender bias in who is a superhero?
  • does seeing pictures of mouldy cakes influence how much we enjoy eating a (non-mouldy) cake.

Students were also tasked with making model brains out of playdough, and researching facts about the brain. Form groups have hosted quizzes and entered a poster competition. Watch this space for the winners!

The week finishes with a documentary entitled “Who’s in Control”, which discusses whether we have free will, or if it is our brain that determines all of our behaviour.

A huge thanks to Mrs Stone and the Psychology Department; what an inspiring week to pique our curiosity and get us all thinking.