Date Posted... Jan 31st 2024

The Dynamics of Lava Flows

Our 4th Year geology pupils have been exploring lava flows and the various factors influencing their behaviour. By simulating some specific volcanic conditions, they have gained valuable insights into the impact of slope and magma composition on the destructive potential of volcanoes.

To conduct their experiments, pupils substituted lava with strawberry jelly, which was heated to different temperatures to adjust its viscosity. They then focused on studying how the angle of slope affected the flow of “lava” and measured a response to different angles. Additionally, they explored the influence of lava composition by introducing sand and observed its impact on the flow dynamics.

The teams collected and analysed their data. These findings will be documented as part of their practical exam assessment.

Our young geologists have also been closely monitoring recent volcanic activity in Iceland, observing how, in some areas, the landscape has changed significantly since our last school visit in October.