Date Posted... Mar 14th 2023

Terrific Scientific Curiosity

Curiosity drives scientific thinking, and it is one of the greatest strengths we can have. For this reason, we are excited to hold our 2nd Year Science Fair this week for pupils to present their work on a science project of their choice and as a celebration of British Science Week.

Earlier in the term, they were asked to explore a scientific question that interested them. Pupils came up with some great questions. When kicking a football, does the run-up matter? Does the shape of chocolate affect its taste? Does spicy food affect your body temperature?

Using scientific methodology, pupils then set up an experiment to try to answer the question as best they could.

They collected their data over half term, analysed the results and drew conclusions to see whether the results they collected matched what they predicted would happen. Many were pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong by their results. They were then tasked to look at their scientific process and identify what they could do to improve or extend their projects.

This week, some of the  2nd Year pupils gathered in their classes to present their projects and responded to many questions from their peers. Well done to everyone for some great projects. We look forward to hearing which projects will go through to the next round for external assessment.