Date Posted... Apr 29th 2020

Summer term: Week 3 learning from home

This week has seen more inventive remote learning projects! Have a look at what prep pupils are getting up to.

Just look at this  cosy den put together for Harry’s ‘Treasure Island’ diary homework!

There been more DIY projects with a sturdy-looking chair from Joseph as part of his DT homework, and Year 3 have been doing some cave drawings as part of their Stone Age topic.

Year 4 pupils have been creating their own ‘land art’ using materials around them to create art at their footsteps, and Year 5 have been drawing pictures from the perspective of ‘through the window’.

Prep siblings Harvey and Iris helped organise and invite neighbours to a socially distant coffee morning in their village, which was well attended.

Harvey told knock knock jokes to an elderly neighbour who lives alone. It was her first time out in the village since the beginning of lockdown and was pleased to be out after all that time.

The idea was for everyone to feel less ‘shut away’ and when everyone went back to their gardens, one neighbour commended Harvey on his ‘beautiful writing on her invitation’.

Key workers’ children have been staying active on-site and have been toasting marshmallows on a fire in the school’s woods, yum!

Nursery have been learning the time and make their own clocks to help them learn.