Date Posted... Jul 30th 2021



Sixth Form

Success in national Global Sustainable Development competition

A huge congratulations to Jenna who places runner up in the national Global Sustainable Development competition with her essay in response to the question: Do you think the society we live in can be sustainable or do we need to change our habits fundamentally?

Organised by the University of Warwick, the Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Competition is an exciting opportunity for students to think creatively and gain valuable research skills. The competition has been running for five years and continues to grow with this year attracting the highest number of entries yet.

Jenna commented, “In my essay I discussed the current problems we are facing, the causes of them and how I believe we can guarantee not only our security on this planet but that of future generations. I explored environmental problems such as overfishing, deforestation and intensive farming as well as social dilemmas like inequality, consumerism, and greenwashing. Not only did I look at where, as a society, we are getting it very wrong, I also analysed some successes with regards to sustainable development and how these practices can be implemented on an international level.”

She continued, “I believe it is not a matter of waiting for technological and scientific development, as action needs to be taken now if we are to prevent irreversible damage. I think that when the true benefit of environmental sustainability is realised, we will see the transformation that is needed. I just wonder how long this ecological revolution will take and whether we have enough time to wait for it.”

Since it was first established, the GSD competition has expanded the types of entries that can be submitted to include videos, podcasts and poetry, as well as more traditional essay responses. This is in line with their aim to engage with students from a variety of different backgrounds and interests, giving them the chance to present different perspectives on issues of global sustainable development.

Shortlisted entrants were invited to participate in a virtual event led by Dr Marta Guerriero and co-designed by two second-year student ambassadors, Naomi Brandon-Bravo and Igne Borisaite, who also formed part of the judging panel. Shortlisted entrants joined the session from far and wide.

The winners!

After the interactive activity, the commended submissions, runners-up, and winners of the competition were announced with Jenna placing as runner up for her essay submissions. A remarkable achievement, well done Jenna!