Date Posted... Aug 21st 2023




Reunion Tea Party 2023

The rain did not dampen the spirits of the returning Old Truronians for the Reunion Tea Party on Friday 18 August. With former pupils from the 1940s to the 1980s attending, the Old Dining Hall was full of OT’s who has plenty to reminisce on and stories to share of their time at Truro School. It was a particular pleasure to welcome back Thomas Philp who attended from 1936-1944 and was one of the first pupils at Treliske (now Truro School Prep) and Michael Yeo who attended from 1941-1946.

The afternoon began with a Cornish cream tea and a chance to peruse objects and photographs from the Truro School Archive, followed by a fun ‘Guess the Tune’ game on the Chapel organ, from the Director of Music Martin Palmer. Martin delivered a brilliant performance of a huge number of famous tunes and soundtracks from films for the OTs to guess.

The Head’s only recommendation for the afternoon was “to tea, rather than seem to tea.” Huge thanks to all the Old Truronians and their guests who took the time to come back to Truro School.


“Thank you so much for an excellent afternoon at the school. The “cream tea” was much more than that and I even ended up with a “doggie bag” to bring home. Whilst the weather prevented the tour of the school, Martin Palmer’s brilliant organ quiz was a great substitute while Jo’s archive presentation was up to her usual professional standard. I was pleased to have another chat with Head Andy again and to meet up with four of my reunion group. All in all a worthwhile trip back to Alma Mater.”

“The ladies of the dining room did a great job keeping us well fed and watered, with cheery smiles. And, of course, thanks to Martin Palmer for bringing out the best from the wonderful school organ (a very different beast from the one I used to play back in the day!) with his melody of tunes that were so familiar but whose names and composers, like so many things these days, were on the tip of the tongue but just wouldn’t come to mind.”