Date Posted... Apr 29th 2021




Prep pupils come runners up in Debating Competition

Congratulations to our Youth Speaks Team: Ayesha (chair), Toby (speaker) and Nova (Vote of thanks) for their astonishing efforts this year. We have recently received the results about this year’s competition from the Rotary. In a tight competition, Truro School Prep was placed as runners-up.

The feedback from the judges was extremely positive. Our team spoke on the issue of ‘Homework: Is it a waste of time?’ We were told that Ayesha spoke with confidence and warmth, amusing the judges by setting them a homework task at the end of the presentation. We heard that Toby was a strong, measured speaker, with a well-delivered speech – a possible future politician! Finally, that Nova brought it all together well at the end, with clear speech, adding her own examples to the argument.

This year, due to the pandemic, it wasn’t possible to run the event as usual. All entries had to be recorded and submitted to the Rotary judges by individual schools. Even the adjudication was recorded on Zoom.

Interestingly, nowhere else in Devon or Cornwall was able to go ahead with the event this year, so we feel very grateful that we were still able to take part.

Mrs Luxton