Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019




Prep Head’s Blog: 22 November

Party Political Broadcast

The manifestos are being released and the debates are taking place as we approach another general election next month; interesting times are ahead for us all. Here at Truro Prep, there have been some key political movers and shakers that have come to the fore in Year 1. Leading the mighty Friends Party is Maya who is canvassing her classmates with some fantastic ideas: she thinks the school could do with a new school uniform, a football club and new Lego. Party leader, Jenny, is making some interesting suggestions in her role at the top of the Pre-Prep Party: her goals are to ensure a guinea pig for the classroom, blazers for children in Pre-Prep, a tree house and a swing for the playground, and to be able to wear home clothes every Friday!

Sophie is leading the Joyful Party with more playground ideas in the form of a new see-saw and swing, more veg and more certificates to celebrate success. The Silver Party, led by Ben, is very clear on its aims: more toys; more football; longer playtimes and a school pet. And last, but certainly not least, the Star Party, led by Casper, are after free snacks (I promise we are not charging the children for their snacks!); chairs to sit on in assembly and a new tie – that is yellow and brown!

The election will take place on the 9th December when the children will be visiting the voting booths to submit their votes; first of all, the party leaders will be putting their ideas forward to their friends in an assembly. Watch out Westminster: the ‘Pre-Preppers’ are coming for you!

Lessons from nature

Many of our children are David Attenborough fans and have been watching ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ with great interest. Personally, I love just about anything associated with his work but what I particularly value is how he teaches us and encourages us to love the vast diversity in nature and our world. In assemblies this week, that has been our focus and we have been taking a few lessons from the plant world. The children heard about one of the oldest living plants found in Tasmania, thought to be over 43,000 years old; they learnt about one of the smelliest flowers in the world that attracts insects by smelling of rotten meat. They heard about the mighty redwoods, one of which stands at over 115.7 metres tall; plants that can grow up to 90 cm in a day and some that grow so slowly they can take 100 years to cover the area of a postage stamp.

The diversity in nature can often take our breath away but we are not always so admiring and accepting of the diversity that exists amongst us as people. We then thought about the amazing differences that are around us every day, in our school community and elsewhere: our different faces, bodies, attributes, personalities, characters, strengths, skills, approaches, worries, interests – and our hopes and dreams. Accepting and valuing all in our school is a regular theme in assemblies, and the plants taught us well this week.

Dates for the Diary

The last three weeks of term are waiting patiently and there are a number of key dates where we would love to see as many parents as possible in school.

The Year 5 play takes place on Wednesday 27th November at 6 30pm in the assembly hall. Our annual Christmas Concert (Years 3-6) is on Tuesday 3rd December at 6 30pm in the sports hall. We are having two performances for our Year 1 and Year 2 plays this year – both taking place on Thursday 5th December, one at 9 45am and one at 2 15pm. The FTS Christmas Fair is on Friday 6th December in the assembly hall (new venue this year). On Monday 9th December, the 9 Lessons and Carols at Truro Cathedral will be celebrated at 7 00pm and the EYFS (Nursery and Reception) children will be performing their nativity play twice on Wednesday 11th December, once at 9 45am and again at 2 15pm.

Please do come and celebrate with us.

Sarah Patterson