Date Posted... Oct 13th 2021





Play Dough, Mythical Creatures and Christmas; Another Busy Day at Truro School Prep

There was curiosity, confidence, compassion, creativity and courage on show during another busy day at Truro School Prep.

Year 5 learned about the Mayans, researching and writing about the Mayan Gods before creating their own set of Mayan God Top Trumps Cards.

Jenny from Year 4 showed tremendous courage by playing us her trombone. Having finally grown big enough to play it, she is delighted that her trombone comes in her favourite colour, purple!

The Year 6 classes were busy with fractions. One class was comparing fractions, while others were adding mixed fractions. Some of the questions looked really tricky to solve, and there was some brilliant discussion about how to work them out.

There was dancing and singing in French as the Year 5 class learnt their numbers through the medium of song, while in the Art Department, music was the inspiration for clay pots that were being carefully constructed.

The Year 2 classes have been studying mythical beasts as their literacy topic. Having discovered that many beasts are a hybrid of two creatures, they created their own beasts, including a lio-liz and a scor-tiger. Using some fabulous sentence structures (including adjectives, verbs and adverbs), they were writing non-chronological reports about their beasts.

We are looking forward to next week when they get to write their own mythical tales.

There was a distant sound of sleigh bells in the Pre-Prep as staff began preparations for the Christmas display in the Assembly Hall. A colossal painting of Bethlehem was being hung as the background to the forthcoming Christmas festivities.

While the Year 1’s were using blocks to help them calculate their number bonds to ten, the nursery children were improving their dexterity and early writing skills with a dough-disco, using playdough to strengthen their fingers and control.

It was wonderful to see such exciting lessons and happy, engaged children in all year groups.