Date Posted... Jun 29th 2023

Philanthropy workshop with Cornwall Community Foundation

Addressing climate change and dementia care in Cornwall were among the local issues discussed and debated in a philanthropy workshop today led by the Cornwall Community Foundation.

Amy Buzza-Blackwell (Co 08), Philanthropy Director at Cornwall Community Foundation was invited to School to talk about the many of the issues facing the Cornish Community and how as a local charity, they are particularly focussed on projects relating to poverty and climate change in the county.

2nd and 3rd Year pupils, along with Community Action prefects, discussed flooding, conversation,  water quality issues and how climate change is affecting the farming,  fishing and tourism industries now and in the future.  The morning session ended with teams designing and pitching their own funding project to the charity.

Rachel Vaughan, Philanthropy Co-ordinator at Truro School said “ Truro School is really engaged with charity and community action and we are looking into more ways we  can work with the Community Foundation to raise funds and awareness for local projects.”

This workshop was part of the week-long Compassion Conference held throughout the school.