Date Posted... Jul 3rd 2024

No Courage Without Fear

Our 4th Year pupils and Sixth Formers attended a talk from Johnny Lawrence, a self-development coach, speaker, and podcaster.  Johnny talked about fear, discussing the various types of fear people may encounter and emphasising the learned nature of fear and its connection to comfort.

He also touched upon motivation, discipline, and procrastination. Drawing from his background as a fitness coach and referencing the six E’s of leadership and excellence. Johnny highlighted the importance of embracing fear as a natural response. This culminated in the thought-provoking “rocking chair test” in which individuals reflect on how they might view their regrets and successes as 90-year-olds.

Johnny shared insights from his personal experiences and career and experiences working with numerous individuals. Well done to our pupils for their insightful questions and thank you to Johnny for sharing his wisdom and expertise with us.