Date Posted... Oct 17th 2022

Mary’s Letters Premiere

It was a night to remember as the cast of Mary’s Letters gathered with friends and family for the red-carpet premiere this weekend. They dressed to impress as they walked the carpet before watching the film in the Burrell theatre, equipped with canapes and fizz.

The original film was written and directed by Mr Oldfield, director of drama. He used the pandemic to challenge pupils to try something new when the usual school productions weren’t an option. Filming began in September 2020 in various locations within Cornwall, producing nearly 25 hours of footage edited by the technical team with help from the drama department.

Part rom-com, part Victorian gothic, part gritty drama, Mary’s Letters is Truro School’s first feature film, featuring a cast of students from all years, and made with huge support from the student tech team.

Amelia Bonney’s life is tricky. Her boiler had packed up, her car’s on the blink, work is chaos, and she’s in love with her best friend. But when she inherits a set of letters from a bygone era, ancient secrets are revealed, and she has to put her own trials aside. When she discovers the truth about what happened to Mary Trelander all those years ago, she sets out to right the wrongs of the past, never quite knowing where this path will lead her.

A massive well done to everyone involved!