Date Posted... Sep 9th 2020

Introducing the new Head Girl and Head Boy

Jenny and Isaac begin their Head Girl and Head Boy roles for the academic year 2020-21 along with their Senior Prefect team:

Deputy Head Girl   Holly
Deputy Head Boy   Monty

Senior Prefects
Amber, Alfie, Charlotte, Benjy, Ellie, Cameron, Jenna, Henry, Lucy, James, Zoe, Matt

Heads of Boarding
Malvern    Stephanie
Trennick   Trevor

Find out more about Jenny and Isaac as they settle into their new roles with the Q&A below…

Why did you apply and how did you feel when you found out you were successful?

J: I applied for Head Girl because it seemed a wonderful opportunity to represent my peers, influence some decisions that are made about our school lives and accept greater responsibilities. I wanted the chance to work more closely with teachers and make sure that our views are represented and heard.

I: Truro School has given me so much in my time spent here and so I saw the role of Head Boy as an opportunity to give back to this amazing community.

What do you aim to achieve in your roles?

J: This year we’re hoping to preserve the sense of community at Truro School despite the physical barriers Covid has created. We’d like to work on integrating the sixth form with the rest of the school in a figurative sense by creating a student support network by utilising the Prefects and ACHE teams. We want to make sure that everyone feels represented and heard throughout the school, and continue to work on the issues raised in last year’s student charter by finding new ways to create school community. No one is quite sure what this year will bring, but we know that we want to continue preserving the atmosphere at Truro School and leave something positive and enduring behind after we’ve left.

I: I hope that Jenny and I, as part of the Senior Prefect team, can hope to (despite current circumstances) lead the team to integrate further into the school and increase the presence around school to give all students greater access to the specialised skills that our subject prefects offer them.

What are you most looking forward to as Head Boy and Girl?

J: I’m really looking forward to sharing ideas between the prefect team, getting to know and working with our new head Mr Johnson, and rising to the challenge of new responsibilities.

I: I’m most looking forward to helping bring the hopes and ideas of the prefects and wider school community to fruition and thus ideally leaving the school in a better place for future students.

What’s your favourite aspect of school life?

J: My favourite aspect of school life is socialising and participating in extracurricular clubs and events. Some of my favourite moments from last year were when I went to Southampton with the debating team to participate in the Mock Trials Competition, attended the Model UN, and performed in ‘This Sceptered Isle’. Although for the foreseeable future events like this will look a little different, I know that there will still be lots of opportunities to get involved in this type of activity which I’m really looking forward to.

I: My favourite aspect of school life is the sheer variety of activities and opportunities available to us, be that the various sporting clubs running all week at all times of days to the business lunches which allow us to meet business leaders and get an insight into potential different careers and extensive academic enrichment sessions.

What are your hobbies/interests?

J: I really enjoy drama, the department is so friendly and ambitious with their productions, I have so much fun rehearsing and performing with friends. In the past year I’ve found new friends through debating, which has made me more attentive to world affairs and above all is just really good fun. I also play the clarinet; I’m currently working on my grade eight exam.

I: I’m a keen sportsman at school: I swim four days a week, play badminton and you’ll often find me in the gym or trying out a new activity such as fencing or military fitness! Academically I’m really interested in maths and physics, ergo I hope to study engineering at university next year.