Date Posted... Feb 20th 2024

Inspired by Art – 3rd Year Ekphrasis

The Truro School Art Collection, currently on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, has served as a stimulus for the creative writing component that concludes our 3rd Year’s work on ekphrasis.

Pupils were tasked with demonstrating their understanding of poetic language, forms, and meanings through their own writing. The teaching staff were impressed with how 3rd Year pupils engaged with the collection and discussed five abstract works by renowned artists such as Patrick Heron, Sir Terry Frost, and Breon O’Casey. Pupils gathered words, images, and ideas to craft their own poems centred around the theme of ‘Magic’.

This activity is just one of a series of enrichment opportunities for pupils to meaningfully interact with the Truro School Art Collection during its public display at the Royal Cornwall Museum, which is open until 18 May 2024.