Date Posted... Jan 22nd 2021

House Competition Week 3


Please submit your entry with a photo of yourself to [email protected] by Wednesday at 9am. Please include your name, form and competition house with your entry.

1. Stop Motion Animation Challenge
Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small steps between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to show motion or change when the series of frames is played back. Any kind of object can be animated, but figures with movable joints (puppets, action figures, Barbies, Lego figures etc are good) or plasticine figures (think Wallace and Gromit or Pingu) are most used, but you can also use drawings to make your 2D image come alive.

You do not have to download an app, but if you do, please ask your parents’ permission first. Please ensure your video is no longer than 10 seconds. Use your imagination and be creative!

Please submit your 10 second video entry (mail drop) or if you have difficulties emailing a video, please send a photo of your animation to [email protected] by Wednesday 27 January, 9am. Please include your name, form, and competition house with your entry.

2. Acts of Kindness Challenge (this is a two-week challenge)
Your challenge is to make at least one act of kindness to help somebody else. It could be in your immediate or extended family or in your
community. We have given you two weeks to complete this challenge to allow you two weekends to complete more kind acts. Your act of kindness could simply be making your parents a cup of tea or calling an elderly relative but also something bigger like volunteering in your community or completing your own charity event. Try to be as creative as you can.

Please send all submissions and photos to [email protected] by Wednesday 1 February, 9am. Please include your name, form, and competition house with your entry.

3. STEM challenge
Here is our amazing STEM Challenge!!! There are many exciting Science/Tech and Engineering projects that you can complete at home. Here are the three super challenges this week; you can complete as many as you like. Photographic/Video evidence of your success would be fantastic.

A. Create a Da Vinci Bridge
Use you pencils/pens/rubber bands to create a bridge that can hold some of your Truro School work that you have completed over the lockdown period. A photo would be excellent as well as telling us the mass that the bridge supported.

B. Create a Volcano
Simply make a mixture of Vinegar/Water/Washing up liquid and perhaps a red food colouring (Please be careful when using dye and ensure you have protection on your carpet/surfaces). Add this to a good amount of baking powder in a Volcano shaped container and the Carbon Dioxide created can make a superb Volcano effect. A video or photo would be amazing.

C. Paper Planes
Create your best paper plane – ideally in house colours or with your house logo and measure the distance it can fly. Planes must by launched from the ground only, not from a height. Distances in m and cm please. Please email your photo to by Wednesday 27 January, 9am: [email protected] to enter.

4. Special Half Termly Challenge – runs until half term
Please ensure you complete this challenge following all government guidance. How high can each house climb together? As a combined total will your house climb the equivalent of Brown Willy, Snowden, K2, Everest…?
Your challenge climb:
– Using a single step repeatedly or a flight of stairs, count how many steps you climb. Set yourself a time limit which is suitable to your ability. 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes…. it is your choice.
– Track your climb by using a fitness tracker or equivalent and upload your evidence. If you don’t have a device, ask a parent to count with you and they can be your evidence.
– Complete the form via this LINK to submit your entry:

Week 2 Hall of Fame