Date Posted... Jan 18th 2021

House Competition Week 2

Thank you to everyone who entered our first lockdown competition to design the competition logo. The entries were all excellent and we had a hard time choosing this week’s winner but we’re sure you will agree that the new lockdown house competition logo is brilliant!


Please submit your entry with a photo of yourself to [email protected] by Wednesday 20 January, 9am. Please include your name, form and competition house with your entry.

1. Recycling Challenge
Put your recycling to use:
Your challenge is to use ONLY your recycling to create either a) the Truro School crest b) the name of your Competition House (Smith, School, Vinter or Wickett) or c) a new House Mascot

2. Book Review Challenge
We want your book recommendations! Lots of us have been reading in lockdown, we’d like you to submit a book recommendation for a book you’ve read in lockdown. This can be any kind of book you’ve read and enjoyed. Each book read and recommendation submitted will count as a point towards your house total. There will be four different age groups for recommendations so please specify whether your book is for. If your submission could contain a picture of the book you’ve recommended or a picture of you reading the book that would be wonderful.

3. Pet Photo
Your challenge is to take the best photo of your pet enjoying lockdown! Perhaps they have particularly lik ed having you at home all the time or maybe they have been helping you with your school work like this dog here! The more creative the photo is the better. Feel free to be in the photo yourself with your pet.

4. Special Half Termly Challenge – runs until half term
Please ensure you complete this challenge following all government guidance. How high can each house climb together? As a combined total will your house climb the equivalent of Brown Willy, Snowden, K2, Everest…?
Your challenge climb:
– Using a single step repeatedly or a flight of stairs, count how many steps you climb. Set yourself a time limit which is suitable to your ability. 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes…. it is your choice.
– Track your climb by using a fitness tracker or equivalent and upload your evidence. If you don’t have a device, ask a parent to count with you and they can be your evidence.
– Complete the form via this LINK to submit your entry:

Week 1 Hall of Fame