Date Posted... Oct 11th 2023

Harvest Festival: Cultivating Gratitude, Nurturing Community

This charity day, Truro School are proud to support the worldwide charity All We Can and Truro Foodbank. All We Can is an international development and emergency relief organisation that supports local people in some of the world’s poorest communities to find practical solutions to poverty and injustice. With its roots in the Methodist Church and guided by Christian principles, All We Can prioritises those in greatest need. We thank the Sixth Form Community Action Team and All We Can for sharing their important work with us during our Harvest Festival Assemblies this week.

Thank you to everybody donating to participate in the non-school uniform day this week, and a reminder that all harvest festival donations are to be given to form tutors by Friday when Truro Foodbank will collect them.

During a minute of prayer and contemplation, our thoughts were with those affected by the Israel conflict. Reverend Helen has offered support and assistance to anyone impacted by recent events.