Date Posted... May 24th 2021

Girls’ Boarding Blog

Another very studious week for the girls as they are undertaking and preparing for assessments this week and after half term. With that in mind a well-deserved break from the books was taken on Saturday when we all piled into the minibus to go for a surfing trip to the beautiful beach at Gwithian. We were blessed with sunshine and blue skies which after a week of grey clouds, very strong wind and Cornish drizzle.

Upon arrival the girls donned a wetsuit and were instructed on how to paddle on their belly, rise up onto their knees and finally stand up on the board before they headed into the water to put it into practice with varying levels of success! The one thing that was common was a big smile on their faces, they certainly had a lot of fun. For those that didn’t fancy getting in the water the three-mile-long beach was a lovely place for a stroll and then a trip to the café for a hot chocolate and to take in the amazing view.

We returned to Pentreve House with just enough time to have a nice hot shower and put some warm clothes on before heading up to the dining hall for a delicious meal of Steak and Macaroni cheese. It was unsurprising to see that with a whole afternoon of surfing behind them of the girls hungrily devoured every morsel.

Saturday evening was declared a ‘Girlie night’ where everyone got into their favourite pyjamas, prepared some amazing chocolate covered strawberries to go alongside some other yummy snacks and drinks and had a pamper session with some relaxing face masks and cosied up to watch Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, the ideal girlie teen film.

Of course, by Sunday morning, the girls were really starting to feel the effects of their surfing excursions as the girls woke feeling very tired and with aching muscles. It is not surprising – for some of them this was the most physically demanding thing they had done for many a month due to lockdown.

Sunday, and the weather was back to wind and rain. Some of the girls ventured into town, and came back soaking, poor things. Others stayed closer to home: end of year assessments are now looming and everyone was beginning to feel the urgency to do extra revision. Not all year assessments start this week, but many have a few papers before we break up for half term. It will be nice for some of them to get some subjects ticked off this side of the holidays. Some students find end of year assessments rather stressful so it will be important for them to have lots of comfort and relaxation in between all the hard work. It will be a very busy end to a very busy, but wonderful half term.

Mrs Justine Howe and Ms Vicky Fiol (Pentreve Resident Tutors)