Date Posted... Dec 12th 2023

Exploring Robotics of the Future

Last Friday, seven A-Level students and two staff members from School had the incredible opportunity to step into the cutting-edge world of robotics at Engineered Arts in Falmouth. The masterminds behind the RoboThespian, Mesma and the Amica robots.

The visit provided a firsthand look at the application of various technologies studied in our classrooms, including Raspberry Pi, CAD/CAM, 3D printing, Agile methodology, modular systems, and AI. Seeing these technologies in action greatly inspired our pupils, reinforcing a tangible link between classroom learning and professional applications.

A big thank you to the team at Engineered Arts for warmly welcoming us into their workspace and generously sharing their time. We discovered that the Engineered Arts staff come mainly from engineering backgrounds and a mix of practical problem solvers and creatives. This offered valuable career guidance for our students who are interested in the applications of computer science and may be interested in pursuing future careers in STEAM.

The visit left us inspired and eager to build on our understanding of robotics. After witnessing their groundbreaking work, we look forward to building our practical experience next term.