Date Posted... Mar 10th 2021



Sixth Form

EPQ Live 2021

Becoming proficient at screen sharing and presenting to a panel of muted attendees were just two of the many skills our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students had to master this year, alongside developing ideas, formulating project briefs, identifying objectives and rationale, developing plans, researching sources and assessing their credibility, formatting projects, referencing, analysing and synthesising, evaluating and presenting.

Head of EPQ Mrs Thurlow commented, “I would like to thank you all for your participation in this year’s EPQ showcase evening. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience public speaking and will support them later on in their future endeavours. This year’s showcase has given them exceptional skills to go into an ever-changing environment. I would also like to thank Mrs Stone for her wonderful continued support to our students as well as to all the supervisors who go above and beyond to support the students in realising their potential.”

This year’s projects included:
  • How do we need to respond to the geological reality of Near-Earth-Asteroids in order to develop a workable space economy?
  • To compose a piece of stress-relief music using the musical elements to improve the listener’s mood
  • An investigation into the effect of colour on image memorisation
  • To What Extent Does Unemployment Affect the Spread of HIV in Kenya?
  • Republishing Pernkopf’s Atlas
  • To create a 3D animation on health and safety in the DT workshop

The EPQ offers an opportunity for students to complement their A-Levels by studying any subject or topic of their choosing. Equivalent to half an A-Level, self-motivated EPQ students spend five terms working towards the completion of a final product that could be a dissertation, an investigation, a performance or an artefact.

Our unique approach to delivering the EPQ is extremely effective at developing skills that are highly valued by universities and future employers, such as research, evaluation and presentation. The purpose of the EPQ is not to deliver a particular curriculum but to develop mature, independent learners who possess a range of thinking and study skills.

The presentations were delivered live via Microsoft Teams Live Events. The recording is available to view on the link below.

Furthermore, two students, Ellie and Sophia, completed their EPQ ahead of time, presenting in November last year. You can watch their presentations at the bottom of the page.

EPQ presentations usually take place in March, but two students, Ellie and Sophia, decided to use their time to work towards completing their EPQ ahead of time, presenting in November last year. You can watch their presentations on the link below.