Date Posted... Oct 22nd 2021


In Geography, the 4th Years have been studying the topic of Weather and Climate and Extreme Events. They have also started to consider the impact that Climate Change is having on weather patterns.

They were keen to learn about Prince William’s 15 finalists for the recent Earthshot 2021 Prize. Pupils were asked to review the various projects and choose one that they thought would bring about the most significant benefit to the planet.

They then produced a presentation to explain the project to their classmates. Mrs Wormald was very proud of how her GCSE classes engaged with the range of innovative solutions selected by the students and has no doubt that some of them may devise their own projects in the future.

Special mentions to:

Kai Handford, Sam Bishop, William Orwin, Bea Fry and Eloise Ince

‘Earthshot’ has been inspired by the 1960s idea of ‘moonshots’; at the time, the race to land on the moon seemed unreachable, but the brightest minds were able to devise ways to make it achievable. ‘Moonshot thinking’ now refers to ground-breaking thinking; it is hoped that the Earthshot challenge will inspire innovations to combat the global climate crisis.

We are confident that we have some brilliant minds here at Truro School who will undoubtedly shape our futures in years to come.