Date Posted... Jan 10th 2024

David Secures Coveted Apprenticeship at Barclays Bank

We are thrilled to share that Sixth Former David N has recently been offered an apprenticeship opportunity at Barclays Bank. After successfully navigating a series of rigorous evaluations, including psychometric testing and online interviews, David has emerged as a standout candidate and has been granted a coveted place in Barclays’ prestigious apprenticeship scheme starting next summer.

David, currently studying A-Levels in economics, maths and geography, said he was inspired by the Economics department, particularly Mr Whatley’s passion for economics, which encouraged him to apply for a finance position.

Barclays Bank, renowned for its commitment to nurturing talent and providing exceptional learning opportunities, has recognised David’s potential and has chosen him to be a part of their esteemed apprenticeship program. Hopefully, this program will equip him with the skills and knowledge to thrive in finance.

Following his final exams, he will prepare to move to Canary Wharf, saying, “ It’s going to be a big jump moving from Falmouth to one of the biggest financial capitals of the world.”

David also said he enjoys participating in the Leiths Extended Certificate, which has allowed him to accumulate extra UCAS points. He said he has really enjoyed the Leiths Cookery School, making a lot of great friendships through his course, and the cookery skills will no doubt come in very handy, too.

Head of Sixth Form, Ross Williamson, said, ” This really is an amazing apprenticeship to get onto, and he is rightly chuffed to bits!”

Mrs Kenward, who helped David prepare for his rigorous interview process, said, “ The apprenticeship route is perfect for those students who have decided that they want to go straight into the workplace when they leave school. Ongoing training, a salary and industry-recognised qualifications make the apprenticeship route an increasingly attractive alternative to the traditional university route.”

David echoed these thoughts, saying he couldn’t wait to start and felt that learning on the job was much better suited to his learning style.