Date Posted... Jun 13th 2023

Come and Sing Mozart’s Requiem

Singers from all over southern England joined Truro School and Truro Choral Society for last Sunday’s ‘Come & Sing’ Mozart’s Requiem workshop and performance. Held in Truro Cathedral, the vast combined choir of over 260 included Truro School’s Chamber Orchestra and soloists, Rachel Vaughan, Annabel Gregory, Magnus B and Oliver T; with Euan B on trombone.

The event was conducted by Director of Music, Martin Palmer, who commented, “Thank you to everyone who joined us for the outstanding performance of Mozart’s Requiem in Truro Cathedral. The whole event – from rehearsals through to the final performance – has been a fantastic experience and it was an absolute joy to see it all come together in front of a spectacular audience.”

One of the singers, Esme, commented, “This was the first time that the boys and I have sung in a choir together and it was a really exciting experience to join with so many others to sing such a great work. It will be an especially precious family memory.

“It was particularly the inter-generational community aspect of the afternoon that struck me. Looking out over the hundreds of faces there seemed to be at least seven decades of age represented among the singers and orchestra – from youngsters at 13, to others probably in their eighties. It just felt like such a wonderful inclusive manifestation of creativity in the Cornish community. So lovely too, to see youngsters taking key solo roles and teaming up with more experienced voices – a massive inspiration.”

On behalf of Truro Choral, Robin Kneebone said, “We have received many positive comments about the scale and quality of the event, with lots of requests for something like it to happen again. Most of us have never sung in a choir that large before! Singers came from as far away as London and Colchester. Roll on September when we start rehearsals for our performance of Handel’s Messiah on 9th December.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about Truro School or joining the Truro Choral Society can visit or, respectively.

View from Truro Cathedral gallery (Photo by Claire Wilson, LLE Photography)