Date Posted... Sep 25th 2023

Book Club Trip to North Cornwall Book Festival

Our Book Club had an exciting trip to the North Cornwall Book Festival on Friday. The day was a reward for their fantastic commitment to Book Club and for their reading programmes last year. The Festival took place at St Endellion and included inspiring and fascinating workshops led by three authors.

The first workshop was with Nick Bowling who, along with being an author, is a musician, stand-up comic and Latin teacher. The next was with Lou Abercrombie who is the author of two children’s books. Lou’s workshop focused on creating characters and teaching pupils how to build their own unique plots.

The last workshop was with Bex Hogan CO99 who also happens to be an old Truronian. Bex shared the story of her gripping and highly acclaimed fantasy adventure series with the pupils during her workshop, as well as showing them how to make their own fantasy worlds. It was especially exciting for the group to meet her having attended the same school.