Black History Month

To mark Black History Month, the library has put together a list of recommended reads.

In addition you can also test your knowledge with a Black History quiz which can be found here.
The closing date for the quiz is Wednesday 21 October and the first three correct entries drawn at random will win a copy of Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson.

Prize winners will be chosen at random on Thursday 22 October and will receive a copy of via their book form tutor on Friday 23 October.

“Matthew Henson was simply an ordinary man. That was, until Commander Robert E. Peary entered his life, and offered him a chance at true adventure. Henson would become navigator, craftsman, translator, and right-hand man on a treacherous journey to the North Pole.Defying the odds and the many prejudices that faced him to become a true pioneer. This is his incredible and often untold story.”

For more information on Black History Month, these webpages are very helpful: