Date Posted... Oct 11th 2019

Assembly focuses on mental well-being

This morning’s whole school assembly was focused on mental wellbeing where Mrs Ellison reminded the school that activities like physical exercise can reduce stress and anxiety, that learning new skills can improve confidence, and listening or playing music can release mood-boosting endorphins.

School sport and music successes were announced, as well as the school’s 15 newly trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

After receiving their certificates, the ambassadors told pupils and teachers to look to their left, and write a compliment about that person on the post it notes given out beforehand.

Finally, they reminded everyone that they don’t need others’ opinions to feel good and that at the end of the day it’s our own opinions of ourselves that count the most. They then asked everyone to a write a compliment to themselves.

Mr Oldfield was the finale of the assembly and split the hall in two and coached everyone on interesting stretching techniques. He reminded everyone that our bodies need be used, so the more functional they’ll be. He then demonstrated twists, turns and positions that everyone got involved with.