Date Posted... Jan 19th 2024

An Insightful Trip to Skinner’s Brewery

Our Lower Sixth Business students had the opportunity to visit Skinner’s Brewery, a renowned Cornish business owned by Old Truronians Louis (CO03) and Jess (CO06) Simpson. Led by Louis, the students were taken on an insightful tour, looking into the intricate brewing process and delving into all the behind-the-scenes of running a business.

Beyond the brewery, Louis shared his invaluable advice about his experience running two contrasting businesses: Skinners’ Brewery, and his first business Troll Trader. He emphasised the importance of recruiting individuals with diverse skill sets and openly discussed his business setbacks, highlighting them as valuable learning opportunities.

Louis’ passion for turning hobbies into successful ventures resonated with the students, and they were very eager to ask questions inspired by this. One student, also named Louis, expressed how the visit prompted him to contemplate the potential of turning his hobby into a business.

Overall, the visit to Skinners provided a valuable glimpse into the world of running a business, leaving the students motivated and inspired. A huge thank you to Louis and Jess for allowing us to visit.