Date Posted... Nov 22nd 2022

Ace Fun on Friday Lunchtimes

Friday lunchtimes see a gathering of keen card players in the Maths Department. The new lunchtime Card Games Club is proving popular with players of all ages across the school.

So far this term, pupils have been learning to play traditional card games such as Rumi, Whist, Cribbage and the appropriately re-named family favourite ‘Poo head’. Mr Butterworth has also taught the group Big Two, a game he learned to play in Hong Kong, which is a big hit with the group.

The Head of Maths says cards are so accessible; you could be sitting waiting for a plane, stuck in a queue or simply wanting to break the ice with a new group of people, a pack of playing cards provides endless opportunities for learning and entertainment.

Players attending the club often choose to play in teams or individually against each other, some games can get quite competitive, and there are often discussions afterwards between the players about their strategies and winning tactics.

It is also a brilliant opportunity for pupils to teach others to play their favourite card games from home, and it seems many students enjoy taking some new games back to play with their families.

The games help the children practise their mental maths skills, and there are often solid tactics and strategies involved, but Mr Butterworth insists it is mostly about having fun.

Card Games Club is held in Room 4, Friday afternoons 1.30pm. Anybody is welcome to come along and join in.