Date Posted... Sep 15th 2022



Senior School

A Return to Whole School Assemblies

The Assembly Hall was full today as the School gathered together for a whole school assembly; the first since March 2020.

Led today by Mrs Ellison, this was the first time the youngest three years at the Senior School would have experienced this.

The assembly started with a focus on the School’s new behaviour plan and reward system; designed to create a harmonious environment and positive atmosphere, both in class and around the School campus.

Students and pupils were also told about the School’s renewed emphasis on pupil voice for this year. The School Council is now meeting every fortnight to discuss issues raised by the wider School community. The first issue under discussion will be how to mark the passing of the Queen.

The Assembly ended with a simple prayer thanking the Queen for her dedication throughout her reign and asking for comfort at this time for those who might need it.

We look forward to more of these Assemblies throughout the year.