Date Posted... Sep 22nd 2021




Girls’ Boarding Blog

Pentreve Boarding Blog 13/09/2021- 19/09/2021

It’s been a busy week at Truro School for our Pentreve Girls. This was the first week of Wednesday afternoon activities, which meant the girls had the opportunity to try new sports, be introduced to new subjects, or indulged in well-worn hobbies. Pentreve girls took part in a wide range of activities, including surfing, water sports, horse riding, choir, and even classes in introductory psychology. They all seemed to enjoy their activities, and it is great to see them all take advantage of what Truro School has to offer.

As always, our weekend started with a hearty brunch. The girls then spent the rest of the morning catching up on prep, revising, meeting friends or going for walks. On Saturday
afternoon, all of the junior girls went to town to buy new board games and pick out a selection of sweets for the Saturday evening social. After much deliberation, they opted for the logo game, Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, a puzzle, and two more decks of playing cards (a household can never have too many packs of cards). As they were the ones who went out to get them, the girls got to pick all of their favourite sweets to share with the boys for the evening ahead.

After dinner, the Pentreve girls were split up into their social groups for the evening. The fifth-year girls joined the rest of the seniors at the SBA for a basketball tournament, whilst all of the junior boarders stayed in Heath Hall for a round of board games. The games were spread out, and the boarders immediately tucked into the sweets (unsurprisingly, there were no leftovers). The Logo Game and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit seemed popular, but a few boarders attempted the puzzle and solitaire. Once they had all had a few games, we all went back to Pentreve for the evening to hang out, relax, and play more games.

Sunday was the big boarding trip to Falmouth. All of the boarding houses took the train to Falmouth for the day. This gave the boarders the chance to learn the route to Truro train station and familiarise themselves with it. Once in Falmouth, all the juniors went to the Maritime Museum. It’s a great experience to learn about local and global maritime issues and find out how they impact our present and future. There were also many very interesting displays of ocean creatures that the girls seemed to enjoy the most. Once done with all of the exhibits, the boarders had the chance to explore Falmouth and do some shopping. Luckily the Cornish weather held out, and they seemed to have a nice, albeit tiring, day out.

It has been another lovely weekend, and I have really enjoyed getting to know all of our boarders a bit more. They truly are a great bunch of girls! Wishing you all a very good start to the week.
Miss Fiol (Resident Tutor)


Malvern House Weekly Blog (Monday 13th – Sunday 19th September 2021)

The weeks seem to be flying by…I cannot believe I am writing yet another weekly blog or that we have now completed our third weekend!
As you know, Evie, Holly and Caroline spent the weekend in Cape Cornwall on the annual combined English and Art trip. The girls, and the staff I spoke to this week, reported to have had a great time, and I was delighted to spy some familiar faces when perusing the photos early last week!

And now on to this week;
With the full two-week timetable now under their belts, the girls have a sense of how the rest of the year will play out. They have attended lessons in all of their subject areas, met each of their subject teachers and have navigated a full two weeks of extracurricular clubs.
Monday began in earnest with the girls getting stuck into lessons and their weekly commitments. In the evening, a beaming Katie returned from Cadets with big news….she had been promoted to Corporal; an outstanding achievement! Well done, Katie!

Having posed for the whole school photo, a biennial event, last Wednesday, the girls participated in their first Wednesday Afternoon Activity session this week. With the options so vast and varied, the decision of what to select proved difficult for many. It was lovely to hear of the fun they had when they arrived home on Wednesday night.

On Thursday this week, we celebrated a very special day with Miss Flowers; her birthday! A cake, some flowers, a signed card and our very best singing voices were ready for her at morning roll call, and it was lovely to be able to wish her a happy day as a house.

By the time the Friday 3.50 pm, end of the school week bell rang, the girls were ready to down tools and stepped off the academic treadmill for a breather. That said, this didn’t last long for the L6th (and one or two U6th) as they headed back up the hill for the annual Quiz and Curry Night.
Saturday was to be a free day for all, with the girls enjoying a lie-in before brunch. The gym was then used by some whilst others opted for town/Tesco and/or chilling in the boarding house. Card games again featured, as did baking with Isabella taking on this weeks Friday Cook Kit and making some delicious cookies!

The Saturday evening social took on an active theme this weekend with basketball, badminton and a mass game of dodgeball in the SBA. It was great to see the seniors mixing on mass, and the energy expenditure made for a slightly quieter evening once back in Malvern….a movie night had been planned with Doritos, popcorn, ice cream and fruit!

Having enjoyed a hearty brunch on Sunday morning, we headed across town to the train station. Falmouth bound, we filled the carriages for the short 20-minute journey to the coast. Once there we visited the Maritime Museum, and there was, of course, the opportunity for exploring, shopping and eating.

Once back at school and having filled up on an amazing roast lamb with all the trimmings dinner, the girls settled down to homework. The evening was spent sorting and prepping for the week ahead, and the girls went to bed tired from a busy and enjoyable weekend.
Next weekend I believe there is golf on the card. I am not sure Aim and Aom will approve, though; crazy golf/pitch and putt girls?
Mrs Sarah Mulready (Head of Girl’s Boarding)