Date Posted... Jul 12th 2021

4th Year Silver DofE

The 4th year Silver DofE expedition happened on the weekend of Friday 2 – Sunday 4 July 2021.

Six teams embarked from Jamaica Inn at 10am on Friday morning to walk on routes across Bodmin Moor which they had planned the previous Thursday. Groups were unaccompanied and remotely supervised along their routes being given independence and trust to navigate themselves and look after each other.

All teams did fantastically well throughout the weekend especially given the poor weather conditions. Normally in July we can rely on settled weather but unfortunately after the glorious start on Thursday and Friday the weather turned very wet with threatening thunder and lightening storms. The hardest part of expeditions in these conditions is keeping morale up and all groups did really well to chivvy their teams across the finish line on Sunday.

A huge congratulations to the participants and a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped out over the weekend. Last weekend ended a run on expeditions over the last two months which has seen over 200 participants challenged on expeditions and completing their respective DofE levels.