Date Posted... Nov 29th 2022



Senior School

3rd Year Inspiring Futures Day

Thinking about the future was on today’s agenda for our 3rd Year Pupils who took part in our Aspiring Futures Day.

Their day was split between six lessons, including taster sessions in three subjects on offer at GCSE, Computing, Geology and P.E., a FutureSmart workshop, Looking Ahead session and a talk about options and Unifrog.

The FutureSmart session was devoted to GCSE subject options and the pros and cons of various subject combinations, delivered by an independent career advisor from FutureSmart. Pupils were tasked to build towers out of dried spaghetti and marshmallows as part of a team.

The Looking Ahead workshop focused on what might influence Pupils to make a confident decision and how they can get help and advice to make an informed decision. They were then given a short personality test to increase their self-awareness which is a valuable decision-making trait.

The final workshop discussed the different options pupils could choose at GCSE. They also learnt about the tool Unifrog, where they can compare all university courses to apprenticeships and further education courses to find the right next step for them.

The pupils also had a great time exploring Geology, P.E., and Computing lessons, where they were given a range of activities based on the courses they’d study at GCSE. This was an excellent way for the Pupils to get an insight into the subjects and see if this would be something they’d be interested in studying at GCSE.