Independent School and Boarding School in Cornwall, UK

The fees and charges set out below will be applied from September 2018.

Fees Per Term £
1st – Upper Sixth Form (including lunch) 4,690
Full boarder (excludes half term & holidays) 9,355
International Boarding * 10,205
Weekly boarder (Monday – Friday) 8,040
Flexi boarding (per night)

(Maximum number of nights per term is 20.  Thereafter the weekly boarding rate will be charged.)

Day boarding 25
Years 5 & 6 (including lunch) 4,330
Years 3 & 4 (including lunch) 4,170
Years 1 & 2 (including lunch) 3,115
Nursery & Reception (without EYF) 2,965
4 full days (Nursery only without EYF) 2,385
3 full days (Nursery only without EYF) 1,790
2 full days (Nursery only without EYF) 1,190
1 full day (Nursery only without EYF) 595
Nursery full day with Early Years Funding 39.65
Nursery afternoon with Early Years Funding Free
Registration fee (not refundable) 100
Guarantee fee (refundable on final bill) 500

Fees are due in accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions(see Sections 4 and 5) which can be found on the School’s website www.truroschool.com.

Termly Fee payments for international boarders made from an overseas bank account must be cleared to the School’s bank account before the boarders’ return date.

*International Boarders are those who are normally resident outside the United Kingdom.

The full boarding fee includes tuition, accommodation, food, laundry service and a full programme of weekend activities.

*The International boarding fee includes CAS application, where applicable, a place on the termly Heathrow minibus transfer (at times set by the school), tuition for English as an Additional Language and preparation for IELTS, where required.


Where two or more children of one family are concurrently at either the Prep School or Senior School, the following reductions from fees will be made:

Fees for the Second child: 5%

Fees for the Third child: 10%

Fees for the Fourth and any subsequent children: 20%

Discounts are applied to the oldest child(ren).



Parents are reminded that a term’s notice is required before withdrawing a child from the School or a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable, at such rate as would have been charged for the final term of provision if a term’s notice has been given.