Date Posted... Apr 22nd 2022

TMC and Truro School Team Up to Support Ukrainian Refugees in Cornwall

As we await details of the arrival of more refugees from war-torn Ukraine, Truro Methodist Church and Truro School are providing space, community and support for host families across Cornwall.

According to government figures, Cornwall has offered more homes for refugees than any other UK council, with almost 2,000 homes put forward and more than 100,000 people coming forward offering aid.

Wanting to help the Cornish community in their endeavours, Truro Methodist Church and Truro School have come together to form a partnership of support for host families in the initial stage, and refugees as they arrive.

Support will begin with an initial meeting at Truro Methodist Church on Wednesday 27th April at 6.30 pm. It will be an opportunity for host families, and those wishing to help in other ways, to share experiences, ideas and contacts.

There will be talks from those affected by the conflict and from members of the local council and Volunteer Cornwall.

On the evening, we will be asking for pledges from those present, for help when the Ukrainian families arrive in Cornwall.

The hope is that the School and Church will be able to support the community by offering places to meet for socialising, feasts, and leisure and create a supportive, central network of host families, local institutions and refugees.

Drinks and food will be provided on the evening of the 27th and there is no need to pre-book your place to attend.

Truro Methodist Church and Truro School have extended the invitation to local press, Councillors and MPs.

Andy Johnson, Head of Truro School says of the event, “Truro School is delighted to be working alongside Truro Methodist Church as part of a community welcoming some of those displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. Cornwall is a county rightly known for its beauty and its hospitality. As a compassionate school that is proud to be part of this community, we are keen to offer our help in these circumstances. In partnership with TMC we are looking for ways to enable those arriving here from Ukraine, and those hosting them, to be able to find spaces in which to meet, find fellowship, and feel welcomed. This event is the start of what we hope will be an ongoing and community-focused project.”