Date Posted... Mar 3rd 2023

Spicing it up for Charity at Prep

Friday afternoon took a turn for the spicy at Truro School Prep last week as a charity event with a kick got underway; a curry-eating challenge. 6JL organised the event, to raise funds for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The form has been spending their PSHE lessons planning for the day and came up with the idea of a curry-eating challenge. Seven teachers agreed to participate; Mr Frewer, Mr Lord, Mr Goddard, Mr Piper, Mr Dove, Miss Raines and Mrs Sparkes. Pupils could bring in money for a chosen teacher, the more money raised, the hotter the curry they were challenged to eat.

On the day of the event, the curries, kindly donated by Daaku in Falmouth, ranged from mild to extra hot. With much sweating and trepidation, all teachers managed even the spiciest dish, a Naga made with fiery viper peppers.

Whilst lots of fun was had, this charity event raised over £600 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance, a charity that provides critical care to the most seriously sick and injured people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The crew attend more than 1,000 missions annually, and with no direct government support towards running costs, it relies on fundraising efforts to keep flying.

In the year of compassion at Truro School, charity events like this one are an important extra-curricular activity. Each half term, a different Year 6 form chooses a charity and activity to raise money. This sits alongside assembly work to look at the importance of charity and compassion, both locally and in the wider world.

A huge well done to 6JL and to all of our staff who so bravely took part in this event.