Date Posted... Mar 14th 2024

Welcoming international boarding agents

We were delighted to welcome thirteen international boarding agents to our school, representing a diverse range of countries, including China, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and Ukraine. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the vibrant atmosphere and enriching experiences on offer at Truro School.

The agent delegates were visiting us as part of a BBSN-organised trip to showcase the best of British boarding. Throughout their visit, our guests had the chance to immerse themselves in various aspects of school life. From watching engaging presentations at the EPQ evening to hands-on culinary experiences in our Cookery School.

Led by some of our current boarders, the delegation took a comprehensive tour of the campus and boarding houses, gaining insights into our community and values. One of the highlights of their visit was witnessing the rehearsal of our upcoming musical, Crossroads, written by an exceptionally talented pupil, Scarlett.

We wish our guests the very best for the remainder of their journey and extend special thanks to all of the pupils, students and staff who have served as outstanding ambassadors for our school.

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