Date Posted... Apr 27th 2021

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Mrs Mulready and I are delighted to have so many of our girls back in the boarding house. We have missed seeing their happy faces, hearing their singing, laughing, music making and general “joie de vivre”.

Not only were the girls pleased to see each other – and of course Mrs M and I (?!) – but the new computer room elicited huge gasps and whoops! Our thanks go to our Estates Manager and his team and IT for all their hard work over the Easter break. The room is a modern, fresh, internet café vibe type of place now and is already proving to be very popular with the girls during prep time and their own time.

Four of our girls returned to the UK from overseas and headed straight into quarantine with us. The girls have approached this with maturity, stamina and patience. They have been completing their lessons online with meals in their rooms and online roll calls and chats with staff and the other girls in the house.

For most of the weekend I have been calling myself Little Red Riding Wood. My basket of yummy brunches, suppers and snacks.
The return to face to face teaching – and for some of the girls the first time since December – has been very successful. The girls have loved seeing friends and teachers and getting back into their favourite activities, clubs and sports.

The weekend commenced with one of our favourite suppers – Moroccan chicken mezze with couscous – and an hour of prep. I was pleased that my Scrabble buddies Hattie and Phoebe asked for a quick game – they clearly thought I had missed my weekly Scrabble beating over the Easter holidays!

Jess and Charlotte headed out on Friday evening for a meal with 4 other friends at the outdoor seating area of Hubbox (a popular burger place). Whilst they were out, the girls and I commenced operation “Jess is 18” and baked a cake, blew up balloons and decorated the kitchen and common room ready to celebrate on Saturday. Saturday morning dawned and at roll call we shared a special time with Jess whilst she opened her cards and beautiful gifts. Happy 18th birthday to our hard working, red haired, American, cake baking housemate.

The rest of the day passed with many of the girls spending some time in the sunshine – or for our Upper Sixth, studying, ready for assessments next week. Lisa and Hattie visited our favourite bubble tea place – thanks girls for picking one up for me too…

Saturday evening, after a supper of lasagne and garlic bread, the girls headed up to the Quad for an evening social with Trennick – all held in accordance with the Government’s two households outside rule. The girls had a great time and enjoyed a BBQ and fruit platter as a late supper.

After bedtime roll call we sang happy birthday to Jess and cut the lovely carrot cake that Amy and Charlotte had baked/decorated.

Sunday was quiet. Charlotte has been at the Cookery School practicing for her Leith’s assessment, Jess and Phoebe have been studying, and the Lower Sixth girls took part in our weekend activity with the Pentreve girls. Bubble football was huge amounts of fun!

This evening after “Cath’s Kebab Shop” supper, we are winding down, changing beds, doing our Sunday night Covid test, doing some prep, tidying up and getting ready for the week ahead. The sun is setting on another fabulous weekend here at Truro School.

Joanna Wood, Resident Tutor – Malvern