Date Posted... Jan 20th 2020



Senior Boys’ Boarding Blog

It has been a beautiful weekend in Truro – the sun has been shining, the sky has been blue, and there has been a crisp frost in the morning air. It was great to take the boarders to a nearby quad-biking park in such stunning weather, and they all thoroughly enjoyed getting covered in mud while going around the dirt track. There was much laughter at the end of the activity when they saw each other’s muddy faces and new muddy hairstyles. Dan enjoyed himself so much that he asked to go quad-biking twice in the weekend! New boarders Julian, Carl and Pao, had a great time on the trip with their new friends.

On Saturday evening we managed an outdoor floodlit BBQ and table-tennis tournament. It was dry and very chilly but the boys came outside and enjoyed a burger from the grill and a game of table-tennis. Some of the boys headed down to Malvern house to warm up with a cheese fondue and a movie in the common room.

There was much excitement earlier in the week when Cam was on stage with his GCSE Drama performance. Reports from the evening suggest that Cam is one of the best drama talents in the school – the staff and boys who watched him were highly impressed.

Obum was selected to play for the school football team on Wednesday but the match was sadly cancelled due to the wind and rain of a typical January storm.