Date Posted... Nov 30th 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

The boarders spent Saturday daytime catching up on school work, tutoring sessions, and having a well-earned break. Though one might expect for their spirits to deplete as lockdown has continued, I have been amazed by how engaged and positive the girls have been this weekend. This meant that we could all enjoy Saturday’s evening activity to the fullest. This week’s activity was an Italian Ristorante themed murder mystery party. Each of the girls were given a character, a back story, and a script in order to participate in the game. In order to enjoy the full experience of the activity, the girls had to dress up as their given character. I was surprised by the level of effort each of the girls put in, and there were many great costumes on display that night. A special mention goes to Leora who won the best costume prize for her mafia boss outfit. As the girls were asked to dress up, it was only fair that the common room was decorated in the style of a pizzeria, with pizza and ice cream served as refreshments through the evening. Freya proved to be the best detective in the game, and both Rosie and Diana won awards for their ad-libs and acting respectively.

Like every other weekend during lockdown the girls were given one weekly trip to town. Many of them used this as an opportunity to finalise their Secret Santa gifts. In fact, the festive season is well and truly on its way at Truro School. Truro city lights can be seen from the school hill, the school has been decked out in all of its decorations, and the first of the socially-distanced Christmas events occurred this Sunday. Because some of the international boarders will have to make their way home this week due to Covid restrictions, the school decided to hold the annual boarding Christmas dinner early. The girls all got dressed up again, and they were given a big Christmas dinner will all the trimmings- many thanks to the kitchen for all their hard work. Though the meal could not be exactly like the previous years, everyone seemed to have a nice time.

I would once again like to thank the girls of Pentreve for their mature and thoughful response to the UK’s lockdown. They have all stepped up to the challenges of this time, and they have all contributed to positive atmosphere in their own ways. I hope that they enjoyed the activities of the weekend, and those boarders leaving us this week, you will be missed greatly, and I wish you the very happiest holidays!