Date Posted... Mar 9th 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Another wild and windy week here in Cornwall although some signs of spring are on their way; beautiful flowers are starting to appear on the school grounds and in between the torrents of wind, rain and hail we have had some periods of lovely sunshine! This has given us all a boost and a feeling of hope for some better weather and a chance to spend some more time out in the fresh air!

Whilst we wait patiently for this, the girls as ever have kept themselves busy with their many diverse activities; a highlight this week for us all was attending the Junior charity concert where a host of our students including our very own Freya performed to an audience of students, parents and staff to raise money for a local charity, The Sowenna Appeal, a local residential care facility for young people with complex mental health needs. Freya who played guitar, alongside vocals by Magnus, to Bon Ivers’ ‘Skinny Love’ did us incredibly proud and the girls couldn’t have been more
complimentary about Freya’s talents and courage; it really was such a treat to see her and the other students perform.

On Wednesday morning, we awoke to a stream of glitter and confetti between Diana and Ulianas rooms as they had already been awake for a while exchanging birthday gifts. The birthday girls were then met in the common room by a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. Two huge cakes were presented to them, which we all enjoyed a slice of later that evening, and they really enjoyed being spoiled; sharing a birthday with a good friend has made it extra special for them.

On Saturday morning we joined the boys from Poltisco house and enjoyed a brain taxing, clue unlocking activity. A local company, ‘Outfox the box’, came in and set up a race against the clock challenge where the boarders had to solve clues and riddles to work out codes to unlock boxes. These boxes then, in general, contained further puzzles to work through until the final code was cracked which would turn off the timer; the girls and boys managed to do this with a nail biting 2 minutes and 51 seconds to go. It was great to see them all working together with enthusiasm and encouragement as one large team to crack to codes and succeed, it was great fun.

Upon our return to the house a few of the girls opted to spend some time making some delicious treats for everyone to share later in the evening, we made a batch of ‘Rocky Road’ and a White Chocolate and Coconut’ refrigerator cake, the girls showed great care and attention and worked really well together to ensure everything was done to perfection, and of course not a single one of us ate any chocolate whilst we were cooking! It was certainly much appreciated later in the evening when all the girls came together in the common room to enjoy the treats and play some Mario Kart.

Sunday had an early start for Jess who headed down to the Cathedral for the day with her fellow Choristers. She was closely followed out the door by Aom, who went to the gym for a pre-brunch workout. Whilst the others made the most of a well-earned lay-in! The rest of the day has been spent catching up on prep work, a few braved the weather and went into town whilst the rest of us spent time contacting family and friends, preparing for the week ahead and had some relaxation time.

I have to say that on this International Women’s Day I am proud and honoured to be spending it with these incredible young women!

Mrs Justine Howe – Pentreve Resident Tutor