Date Posted... Feb 10th 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Another busy and successful week here in Pentreve House is coming to an end, despite the general feeling of all of us being fed up with the winter conditions, dark evenings and coughs and colds the girls as ever have faced the week with enthusiasm and made the most of the opportunities on offer to them. They never falter with yet another walk up the hill to face the next activity whether that be the normal school day or one of the many extra-curricular clubs the girls are involved in.

The weekend has given some opportunity to relax a little and spend time socialising with each other. Including some badminton with some of our other boarders on Friday evening.

After a morning pottering in the house we headed into town on Saturday afternoon to buy some tasty snacks for later in the evening – it was Uma’s choice as it was her last weekend with us here in Pentreve which we are all incredibly sad about, she is a delight to have, and will be sincerely missed by all girls and staff alike! So she opted for a PJ and pizza party and of course they all requested some ice cream too! I couldn’t let them get away with just that so added some healthier choices of crudités and hummus in the mix which went down well too.

Sunday morning started with a slightly earlier than normal brunch, much to the girl’s delight, apparently 20 minutes less in bed on a Sunday is a big deal! We then made our way over to Truro Arts Centre where we enjoyed a wonderful silk screen print workshop and the girls all made their own cushion cover with their very own design, some more complicated and time consuming than others. But in the end everybody came away with a lovely personalised cushion. Whilst there, we also made the most of the attached café and tucked into some delicious cake and either a coffee or hot chocolate, which certainly helped us with the energy needed for the short walk home as Storm Ciara was setting in. We all got back safely, although it hasn’t been good for our hairstyles! The girls then snuggled into the living room to watch Shrek 2 as some continued to add some detail with sewing onto their cushion covers, others tucked into tea and toast!

After a hearty meal in the dining hall we now all return to make our usual preparations for the week ahead the storm is certainly still raging outside but I’m happy to say there is calm inside. Although we will have our sad goodbye to Uma the girls are very much looking forward to Friday and the half term break, I hope you all enjoy it too.

Mrs Justine Howe, Resident Tutor