Date Posted... Jan 24th 2020



Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog

This weekend saw a tyre-smoking, dirt-slinging, high octane weekend of ATV quad bike adventure riding. The Poltisco boys joined forces with the Pentreve girls and we headed to the sun-drenched ATV Centre to try out their Yamaha quad bikes. It was a fresh and crisp morning that greeted us but a few laps of the practice circuit was all that was needed to show that the boarders were keen to push on and get out on the big circuit. There were some spectacular fails, brushes with tyre walls, death-defying jumps and stuck wheels…then came lap two. We got muddy, cold and wet but everyone pushed hard, rode the burms and tried their hand over the jumps, with only mildly varying degrees of success.

A fantastic group activity and thanks to the ATV centre for making special arrangements for us. Needless to say, the boys returned famished. Mr Copeland put on an evening BBQ up in the quad for our intrepid racers to help replenish all those burned calories. Some braved the starry night and others made a beeline for the warmth of the Trennick Common Room, but all had a relaxing evening and a well-deserved rest after a busy day at the races. Needless to say, there were a number of requests for early bed times on Saturday evening!

Amari, Sam and Henry meanwhile (insert Three Musketeers reference here) were busy lunging and parrying up-country on behalf of the Fencing Club. Rudy returned, surfboard in hand, presumably ready to jump into the warm and inviting depths of the Atlantic in January. Rather him than me!

On a more historical note, this year marks the 140th Anniversary of Truro School. The occasion will be marked not only by adding our own flourishes to “Hedgehog Roundabout”, but also by a Thanksgiving Service on Monday 20th at 2pm, led by the Reverend De Gruchy. This will be followed by a great celebration across the whole school, organised by the Sixth Formers, with games, food and quizzes for all ages.

In stark contrast, next weekend will see the boys take part in the PSHEE course on living skills. How many Poltisco boys does it take to tidy a kitchen…?

Poltisco blog written by Mr. Nick Pilborough