Date Posted... Dec 5th 2019




Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog

On Tuesday evening we took the boys to watch the school play, This Sceptered Isle. This was an amalgamation of several of Shakespeare’s plays, and told the story of the Kings of England. Some of the Trennick boys were in the performance and it is hoped that Cam, Alex and Finley inspire some of the Poltisco boys to become involved with the amazing drama opportunities.

Whilst it was technically still November, not even the mighty Gregorian calendar could stop the Poltisco boys from channelling the Christmas spirit. On Saturday, Amari was given control over the £50 budget to buy some new Christmas decorations for the house. After some masterful mathematical manipulation, we came in £20 under budget and the house has started to look the part. We will, of course, be winning the inter-house decoration competition, but we are saving the piece de resistance for Wednesday. Mr Copeland also had a spare tree lying around which we have adopted and the boys set up beautifully.

Saturday evening saw Trennick and Poltisco join forces and descend upon the unsuspecting staff at Xen Noodle, in Truro. Thanks to Mr Hatfield’s shrewd negotiations, Xen laid out a delightfully delectable array of oriental food, which the boys, typically, made short work of.

On Sunday, the boys had some free time and we went into Truro to scout out further decoration bargains. The chess tournament also began in earnest. We continue to talk to the boys about community, respect and kindness as a part of an ongoing discussion and I had been so impressed with their teamwork with the decor that a Domino’s pizza deal soon found its way to the common room.

A calm yet thoroughly enjoyable weekend with the boys.