Date Posted... Feb 4th 2021

Girls’ Boarding Blog

This week has been a tough one for the girls, but as ever they have tackled it head on, embracing the challenges and leaning on each other for support. They have done their very best to stay as positive and upbeat as possible and I could not be more proud of them. The weather, which has been particularly awful, and the mid-week government announcement to extend the lockdown and school closures until at least 8th March, have certainly been felt here in Malvern but there have been some moments of real fun and laughter too.

On Monday, with the weather still allowing some kind of outside activity, Mrs Thurlow introduced Leora and Angie to the Cornish game, Smite. Akin to skittles but far more fun, Smite is a firm favourite amongst the boarding community and it was lovely to see the girls enjoying a few games in the Pentreve/Malvern garden after lessons on Monday…

The rest of the week passed in a flurry of online lessons, baking, opportune walks during dry breaks in the weather, daily exercise outside, or in the common room through zoom, and mario kart/just dance/overcooked on the house computer consoles. Board games and card games have featured again, with Phase 10 (it only took us three nights!), Uno, Rummikub, GinRummi, Cheat and Who Dunit all being enjoyed.

When Friday night finally came about the girls enjoyed downing tools and switching off their screens. Hattie partook in a tough fencing workout which lead to us all trying and failing the crow position and then we headed up the hill for a curry supper!

On Saturday and with the rain lashing down there wasn’t much opportunity for escape but we did receive a very welcome visitor and package. Mr Johnson, and his daughter Audrey, popped by to deliver a hamper of goodies for the girls. Packed with treats, games, jigsaws and pamper items the girls really appreciated the thought and were touched by the kindness of the Headmaster and his wife Pamela. We were certainly set for the day and evening: snacks, entertainment.

On Sunday morning the girls enjoyed lie ins and the house was eerily quiet (except for the rain lashing down on the skylight just outside my office) until morning roll call and brunch. It was then back to the house, dodging the rain drops.

With the house competition, which sees School, Smith, Vinter and Wickett compete for the prestigious Opie Sheild each year, having been adapted for lockdown, and this week’s challenges being photo based, the girls decided to earn some points for their houses. ‘Dress a parent (or houseparent in this case) as a Truro School pupil’ was obviously one that they were keen to enter!

With the rain refusing to subside the girls settled down to an afternoon of air-dry clay crafts and before we knew it, supper was awaiting and it was back up the hill for a roast pork dinner.

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Housemistress, Girls’ Boarding)