Date Posted... May 17th 2021

Boys’ Boarding Blog

We have had a great week in Trennick, David caught two fish on his Wednesday afternoon fishing trip to Falmouth and Justas has continued his golfing lessons at Truro Golf Club. A few of our older boys have been applying for weekend jobs around Truro in cafes and pubs.

On Saturday we took the senior boys and girls to Retallack Water Park where they played on the inflatable apparatus.  Amari seemed to perfect the somersault into the water whereas Sam much preferred the bomb splash technique. It was really great to see all the boys enjoying themselves out of the house. In the evening the boys were hosted by the senior girls to play card games in the garden and have snacks. Unfortunately the rain cut the evening a little short but I’m assured all had a good time.

Our younger boys had a relaxing day on Saturday with Mr Thomson. They went to the sports centre to play some games and enjoyed a movie night with pizza and snacks in the evening. On Sunday lots of bedrooms needed a tidy and Dan, Sam and Roland helped Mr Hatfield tidy the laundry room and do a little bit of maintenance on the tumble dryer. In the afternoon we went for a long walk at Idless Woods. We enjoyed a milkshake and throwing sticks for Mr Hatfield’s dog, Jonah. This walk is good as there is very little phone signal so the boys really enjoy seeing the nature Cornwall has to offer.

Tom Hatfield, Boarding Master – Trennick House